when you feel like crap, be nice to someone.


leo tulip

I originally posted this on Instagram, but also wanted to share it here. Recently I had to deal with a very difficult client. It happens so rarely, but when it does it really throws me for a loop. I spent a lot of time, too much time, filtering negative energy and trying hard to maintain grace. After the worst of it I was on the train, feeling pretty low and running everything over and over in my head. I noticed an older woman, seated, staring at the flowers I was holding. A few more stops, she was still looking and pulled on the shirt of the young man standing next to me, asking him to get my attention. She said she was in awe. In particular she loved the incredible tulips (this one is called Leo) and we chatted a bit about flowers in general. The young man, though he was listening to loud music on his headphones and seemed oblivious to the exchange, even chimed in to note that they looked like Venus Fly Traps. The flowers were on their way to a regular client, but that morning I had serendipitously added more flowers than the order required and easily had one to spare. I pulled a tulip from the arrangement and handed it to her. Her face lit up, overwhelmed and delighted. With a huge smile she alternated glances between her flower and me. In my periphery, other passengers who seemed to not be listening even showed smiles at the interaction. She held the stem dearly and said, “I’m so glad I got on this train.” With a rush of emotion I smiled and said, “Me too.” After that I was floating and everything seemed to be put in perspective. This felt to me the exact reason why flowers exist; To make someone feel loved or happy or simply noticed. In a moment when I needed it most, what a very welcome reminder.