For awhile, after my first one as a florist, I couldn’t hear the words “Valentine’s Day” without a shudder and a pit in my stomach. My first year I proudly thought I could handle the day on my own. Turns out I definitely could not. At about 4pm on the 14th I was scooped off my tear-stained kitchen floor and told to keep going by a very (very) kind friend. My last delivery was at 11:59pm that night and it was delivered to a girl, who with her friend, ran giddy, shrieking down the stairs at my announcement over the intercom. The sender, whose texts I was receiving on my phone, was thrilled. That was the fine ending I needed that night, but V-day was a beast to be tamed and year 2 I was still at its mercy. Year 3 I wore it down and year 4 we were like old pals. In all my long days and sleepless nights surrounding the biggest of events, I’ve yet to experience anything like the exhaustion that comes with Valentine’s Day. The incoming and outpouring of love is quite literally dizzying. And so, in year 5, I must come back for more. Sure, it may feel like a Hallmark holiday, but the impact that I’ve been able to so closely witness is anything but fabricated; And it is addictive.

I’ll be taking orders for deliveries February 10 – February 14th via the 2h flowers website.