when there are waves, there’s will

After spending Christmas week in Massachusetts with my family, I headed up to coastal Maine to close out 2015 and welcome the new year with Zach’s. Wintery weather was rumored, but with so much hype, I was betting on a faux storm. When I woke up to fast accumulating snow I was pleased to have been proven wrong. The pile of white was the perfect complement to our already idyllic location. With thoughts of pjs all day, reading by the fire, and pouring wine a little too early, I was ready to remain snowed in. The boys, of course, had other plans. A winter storm meant waves and, well, that’s all a surfer needs. By 8am, my cozy plans were dashed. Under the influence of two full-grown men bouncing with eager anticipation, I agreed to go scouting. The scenery so beautiful and the mission so insane spirited, we decided it should be captured. Knowing the quality of waves might not be high, a strong focus on lifestyle would be the backbone of our film. Watch this trio of brothers make the storm their own in A Winter’s Tale.