handsome hollow, indeed

IMG_9002Feeling the effects of a few too many pre-thanksgiving celebrations, Sunday morning I pulled myself out of bed and bundled up for a long drive upstate to see the spot where two of my best friends will be married in May.

I knew a little bit about Handsome Hollow (and know that my friends have excellent taste), but what we arrived to was so much more than I expected. Kate, the Brooklyn-dwelling proprietor, (she manages the property with her husband) has an innate knack for creating an environment that feels equal parts cozy, refined, luxurious, effortless, and 100% thoughtful.

Kate herself is friendly and warm and humbly received the many compliments that spilled out of our mouths at every turn. Subway tile in the catering kitchen, the show stopping floor to ceiling window-to-the-woods in the house’s downstairs bathroom, hand-chosen decor in every room that has been carefully collected over the past 15 years. The house has all of the things you’d never want to live without if your imagination dared to dream it.

I couldn’t help but be a bit snap happy… Posted are a few of my favorites. (Expect lots more photos in May after I get to get my hands on the space and fill it up with florals!)
 IMG_8970 IMG_8966IMG_9013IMG_8962 IMG_9018 IMG_8967IMG_9012