What it Feels Like

beach happy

When shooting surf subjects I tend to focus on the surfer’s form as a silhouette which can feel rather anonymous. While I think those images do elicit emotion, it’s nothing like this. As I was focusing on my surf subject, these girls ran into frame. I was shooting rapidly so it wasn’t until I started editing that I saw how great this juxtaposition was.

To me, the joy of being a kid on the beach is incomparable in many ways; The seemingly endless days, running tirelessly in and out of the water, shrieking at and jumping over incoming waves, fabricating sand forts and castles and moats. When the last whistle blows and the sun starts to dip, oversized sweatshirts are donned and dares to jump off the abandoned lifeguard tower are thrown. When you’re packed into the car, feet dusted with fine sand, the feeling of total exhaustion is one of the best you’ll know.  As an adult, the activities may vary slightly, but the excitement remains the same. While the surfer appears as a placid silhouette, on the inside he’s still a kid on the beach.